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Better out than in!

As some of you know (or may not know) my lovely, twenty two year old son, Sam was murdered in October 2013. A senseless unnecessary waste of a young life and my only child.

This catapulted our family into utter devastation and chaos which was made even worse by the painfully slow, bewildering criminal justice system. I was simply unable to function or work and I became, well, a wee bit of a recluse.

Afraid of going out, of speaking to people, afraid of not knowing what to say and worse still, dealing with people who did not know what to say to me.

Let's face it, who would know what to say? I felt that I didn't know who I was anymore.

I went to an event at Glasgow City Chambers for International Women's Day last week and was surrounded by inspirational women with amazing talents, experiences and stories to tell.

There began the faintest flicker of possibility for me. Maybe there is a future for me, perhaps there is potential to create a different future. Unexpected and not wanted, but just maybe there is a contribution for me to make. To connect and help people, but I know this for certain, that possibility exists out there. Out there in the community and not sitting alone and afraid at home.

So taking my courage in both hands and using the experiences of those inspiring women as fuel, I am taking a step forward today and I am re-joining the world.

For me, for my baby granddaughter, for Sam.

Because, as they say in Glasgow, better out than in!

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